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The Digit is a fascinating brainteaser with very simple rules, endless gameplay and minimalistic design. If you are stuck in a waiting room, listening to a boring lecture or just want to have some fun - start playing and you will soon lose track of time!

Three difficulty levels, five simple activities and an endless number of levels will definitely make this game your favorite!

Each problem trains your brain, so that very soon you will be able to perform mental arithmetic with ease!

There are no explosions, no crazy music or bright colours. Nothing in excess!

Do you think these problems are too simple for you? Just change the difficulty level and keep on enjoying the game!

  • The game is absolutely free! You can play and enjoy it for as long as you want!
  • It is so easy to play! All you need is your thumb!
  • Compete with your friends, and even with the whole world for the top position in a world wide rank!
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